You can start between the ages of 12 and 16, but you must be in Year 8 or above.

It costs £15 per month

Yes, absolutely!

The minimum age to fly is 13 1/4. You can start going flying and gliding once you are enrolled, which is about one month after you first join. 

Football, Rugby, Netball, Table Tennis, Swimming, Hockey, Cross Country, Athletics.

Experience, qualifications, knowledge, making new friends, leadership skills and teamwork skills.

You have to have been in cadets for around one month and be formally enrolled.

No, the uniform does not cost anything, but you do have to supply your own shoes.

No, anyone can join and you can get fitter by attending the sports nights that we hold.

The Air Training Corps is a youth organisation supported by the RAF. It is not a recruiting organisation, but if you are planning on joining any of the Armed Forces, it will provide you with loads of useful skills & experiences.

Yes, we have at least one weekend away every year with the whole squadron, where we do lots of different activities. We also have Day Walks throughout the year, as well as Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions and annual camps.

Yes, you can take either go on summer camps to RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus or Germany, as well as having the option of taking part in the International Air Cadet Exchange once a year. However, you must be 16 years old, have a current passport and go through selection interviews.

For girls any length as long as it is wrapped up; for boys it must not touch your ears or shirt collar.