Our Staff


Keith Gilmour

Flight Lieutenant RAF VR(T)

Officer Commanding

The Officer Commanding is responsible for the overall running of the Squadron and the organisation of the staff team.


David Parker

Flight Lieutenant RAF VR(T)

Fieldcraft & NCO Development

Flt Lt Parker is in charge of fieldcraft and NCO development. He is also Deputy Officer Commanding.


Thomas Murphy

Warrant Officer (ATC)

Discipline & Drill/Health & Safety

Warrant Officer Murphy is in charge of standards & discipline but he also looks after the well-being and morale of staff and cadets.


Les Lawson

Flight Sergeant (ATC)

DofE & Adventure Trg

Flight Sergeant Lawson is responsible for making sure that cadets gain the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and enjoy a wide range of AT activities.


Eric Cheeseman

Civilian Instructor

Training Officer

The Training Officer is responsible for making sure cadets get to enjoy all of the activities and gain all of the qualifications the ATC has to offer.


Luke Bateson

Civilian Instructor

Adjutant & IT

As the Adjutant, Mr Bateson deals with the administration of the Squadron. The Squadron cannot function without the adjutant!


Colin Burdon

Civilian Instructor

Aeromodelling & Mountain Biking

Mr Burdon oversees and trains the cadets in the art of Aeromodelling. He is also hoping to become a mountain bike leader.


Phil Carter

Squadron Padre


Rev. Carter looks after the spirituality and well-being of the squadron through citizenship lessons and advice. He is always on hand to offer support to any cadets or staff that need it.